Carver lol calm down buddy it needs to be nerfed thats the way it is. imagine if you couldnt use that build? you would be pretty damn mad that it existed and was hitting for 50k, aka a oneshot on everything that isn’t a dungeon boss.

WTF buffing templar? Te 2H ult favors stam and will slot right in on all of the stam builds that are FoTM. It is exactly what they shouldnt do. The meta and TTK is already pretty garbage for an MMO. In a lot of cases there is zero counter play because certain sets + stam builds already destroy people in a few hits with NBs before people can even react. That isnt rewarding or fun game play. This is moving closer and closer to CoD.

Here’s the thing: Templar is now the only class that can effectively (that means good at) dps, tank and heal, which means all the role available in the game. Yes yes, NB can tank, DK can heal, but is it as good as templar? Nope. And before you all jump into conclusion that I’m a “negative” person, a troll, hater,… hear me out. I don’t say this because I hate ESO, but because I love it, and I want it to be even better. We can only make ESO better when we can admit its weakness and try to improve it.

I have given ESO a little break recently and I have to say, if they keep screwing over magical builds I’ll just stop. Good idea with weapon ultimates, but they screwed my destro staff once again.

2hand has been seen to hit a single target for 106,555 PVE damage with new sets. @Alcast has tested it with 300CP so he believe’s it can hit higher with decent traits etc…



Elder Scrolls Online: Werewolf Buff Ideas, that only require some reworking existing passives

Only passives will be mentioned, its a long post….

To me the idea of Werewolf is the oppsite of Vampire. it provides a massive bonus at certain times (when transformed) vs the constant bonus vampire gets. its like the differance of burst vs sustained damage and its intresting like that, so all changes should not be buffs to non transformed Werewolves imo.

Simply put, Werewolves trade versatility for pure offensive power while transformed.

Elder Scrolls Online: Werewolf Buff Ideas, that only require some reworking existing passives

Devour – [While in Werewolf Form] Synergy Changed to a channeled heal, healing 20% hp each second while actively channeling. Transformation Timer is restored 50% instantly after synergy is activate, Body is consumed instantly when synergy is activated. Transformation Timer is Paused while Channeling (unchanged)

This change basically gives players the same kind of Devour ability that NPC werewolves have, and gives a way to use any corpse for a strong heal, or just a quick duration boost.

This change improves 2 problems facing werewolves, and the inability to heal effectively or increase your duration while in combat. It does this by allowing a single kill to be either both a powerful heal and duration bonus or just a way to quickly boost duration. it will not help vs bosses however.

Pursuit – [While in Werewolf Form] Stamina Increased 10%-20% + Automatically instantly break out of CC effects, costs X Stamina (teir 2 reduces cost 50%

This basically is a instant “break Free” + temp Immunity. Stamina cost is the same as normal Break Free, Teir 2 reduces this cost by 50%). This effect fires instantly resulting in the CC broken not actually taking effect. Say you get hit by a ability that stuns, instead of being stunned you lose the Stamina and gain the temp CC immunity effects.

This Change solves the biggest issue facing werewolves… Severe weakness to CC effects. This is the sole reason why Werewolf is 100% not viable in PVP. It is still balanced out however since CC break doesn’t affect Snares or Root, just disabling effects… This change makes Werewolves effectively immune to disabling effects as long as they have enough Stamina, just like non transformed players…

Blood Rage – [While in Werewolf Form] Critical hits heal for 20%-40% damage done and restore 1%-2% of the werewolf transformation timer (new effect)
[While Werewolf Transformation is slotted] Generate 2-5 ultimate when taking damage every 3 seconds. Must be in human form.

This is the counter to the changes to devour for boss fights, giving a way to heal and extend WW fight time while fighting extended fights vs a single mob. The healing and time extension is not enough to stay in the form permanently like it is currently possible via.

This change improves WW transformation Performance vs bosses. it also improves the ever present lack of healing Werewolves have…..

Savage Strength – [While in Werewolf Form] Increases max Stamina 3-5% and Increases Weapon Damage and Critical Hit Chance 3-5% for each kill. Effect stacks up to five times.

This is just a minor damage buff, Something that Werewolf needs while transformed…

Bloodmoon Turn other players into Werewolves + Time in Werewolf form doubled during full moons.

ya this one is the least needed, but i think that this ability should give something beyond the turning other players thing.

Honestly i think the Vampire version also needs a buff… as do the Persuade and imtimidate “perks”..

but Again… maybe not.

Call of the Pack – Allows Allies to stay in werewolf form 3%-5% longer and deal 3%-5% more damage while transformed. Affects up to five targets and stacks up to five times.

this is another buff for damage but entirely related to group game play for Werewolves.

Come on ZOS, even one of these ideas would be a great boost, i have said it many times in the past.. give Werewolves a bone ZOS.

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