Carver lol calm down buddy it needs to be nerfed thats the way it is. imagine if you couldnt use that build? you would be pretty damn mad that it existed and was hitting for 50k, aka a oneshot on everything that isn’t a dungeon boss.

WTF buffing templar? Te 2H ult favors stam and will slot right in on all of the stam builds that are FoTM. It is exactly what they shouldnt do. The meta and TTK is already pretty garbage for an MMO. In a lot of cases there is zero counter play because certain sets + stam builds already destroy people in a few hits with NBs before people can even react. That isnt rewarding or fun game play. This is moving closer and closer to CoD.

Here’s the thing: Templar is now the only class that can effectively (that means good at) dps, tank and heal, which means all the role available in the game. Yes yes, NB can tank, DK can heal, but is it as good as templar? Nope. And before you all jump into conclusion that I’m a “negative” person, a troll, hater,… hear me out. I don’t say this because I hate ESO, but because I love it, and I want it to be even better. We can only make ESO better when we can admit its weakness and try to improve it.

I have given ESO a little break recently and I have to say, if they keep screwing over magical builds I’ll just stop. Good idea with weapon ultimates, but they screwed my destro staff once again.

2hand has been seen to hit a single target for 106,555 PVE damage with new sets. @Alcast has tested it with 300CP so he believe’s it can hit higher with decent traits etc…



ESO:Every new Armor and Weapon in Orsinium (IN GAME FOOTAGE)

Disclaimer: Balancing is not nerfing, nerfing is making something trivial to the extend that it’s not worth it. Don’t mix the 2 up.

To me, Veteran content seems fairly unbalanced at times. You have the easy going parts that certainly could have been adjusted up a notch without any difficulty. Though, then you have certain quests that are so ramped up in difficulty that it’s close to say impossible for certain classes.

As an example: I am currently in Reaper’s March, doing quests here. One of the main story line quests takes you to a ruin where you have to kill a Dark Mane. Which also turns out to be rogue that does very heavy damage. One hit can do upwards to 1480 damage on 7 light armour. With 2k HP, that is over half your life. To top it of, kitting around isn’t an option either as there are adds spawning, so the best strategy is to stay in a corner and don’t aggro the adds. This one becomes increasingly difficult very quickly and it boils down to having as much healing up while not going totally defensive. I had to have 2 healing spells, a clanfear and the curse up.

Another example: Antronachs. Who the hell designed these types into solo quests? On Veteran rank, they are close to impossible for me, simply because they are immune to CC. 2 times now on VR content have I come across quests that are insanely impossible for me to complete because I have to kill storm or frost antronachs (or both) in order to proceed. Another irritating moment is when you have to fight summoners that end up summoning what seems like the Lost Legion of minions, each hitting pretty hard on themselves. To top it all, the boss in question peppers you with spells that also hits hard. And the cheery on the sundae is AoE effects that have to be dodged …. from all minions. So there you are, spending more dime dodging things than you are twiddling down the boss’ HP. Heck, I had one boss I ran around dodging for 10 minutes without doing that much harm. I had to spend my magica just keeping alive. And to top some of the bosses, they heal. Wuhu, how much fun there is to twiddle a boss down to 20% only to have them restore to full health before you can do anything, wuhu.

As said, I don’t mind difficulty, don’t get me wrong, I like a challenge. I’ve grown up in the NES era (and many of you probably have no clue what I’m referring to here) so difficult and challenging I’m used to. The difference though, is that difficult and challenging you can overcome, with the right strategy and using the tools to your disposal. Impossible comes into play when those tools are rendered inert.

So in my honest opinion, I don’t mind a certain level of difficulty, but I think that the quests must be gone through a bit and balanced out on the veteran content, and that is both ways, some quests can easily be made a bit more difficult while other quests can be tuned down a bit. Right now it seems like the quests and difficulty was run through a scripted “ramp-it-up”o-meter and left without testing. Some didn’t get enough juice while others took the whole dam keg.